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Fluttering in the City’ Photo Exhibition by Paris Kambakis

Paris Kambakis was born in 1964 and currently lives and works in Nea Raidestos.
He is a professional photographer with many years of experience in applied photography (social, architectural, art reproduction). He has worked as a teacher in private schools and has also been a member of student evaluation committees.
Driven by his personal engagement with nature and wildlife photography, he has participated in group exhibits and has held three personal ones with subjects inspired by Greek nature. The first exhibition, dealing with the dead plane tree sculptures on Vrasna beach, was repeatedly hosted in private spaces during the years 2003-2006. A further two exhibitions were based on the monitoring of the birds of the Thermi area and were held in 2015 and 2016, first in the Gallery of the Municipality of Thermi and then at the Cultural Center of Nea Raidestos.
He is a member of the Greek Ornithological Society, with an active presence on the internet and in social networks.
With the support of Anatolia Alumni Association